No Such Thing As No Abortions

A comprehensive and growing list of all the ways in which women have been forced to abort fetuses or induce miscarriages because the option of a safe, sterile, and medical abortion either did not exist or was regulated and inaccessible. A reminder that there is no such thing as a “zero abortion rate” and that policies that regulate and limit access to abortions do not prevent abortions, just safe abortions.

1. Coat hangers

2. Knitting needles

3. Ballpoint pens

4. Swallowing Bleach

5. Swallowing detergent

6. Beating with a bat

7. Pumping Chili Peppers into the body

8. Throwing oneself down a flight of stairs

9. Consumption of dried Henna powder

10. Self Induced Hypothermia

11. Insertion of a rubber tube or catheter to suck the fetus out

12. Douching with coca-cola

13. Pumping plant poison into the body

14. Insertion of Lysol into the uterus

15. Foam from a camels mouth

16. Opium “bombs”

17. Pennyroyal tea

18. Sitting over a pot of boiling water

19. Sitting over a bowl of steaming onions

20. Introducing an infectious bacteria in to the uterus

21. Serious bodily harm

22. Opium