Unlearning & Learning: Incredible Black Women the History Books Didn't Teach Us About

Last month was Black History Month. This month is Women’s History Month. Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. For Black History Month, I challenged myself to learn about Black women of US history whose very existence in their fields was revolutionary, not to mention what they achieved and the legacies they set. Too often we accept the few Black heroes our white history curriculum has given us and ignoring a population of women who defied standards and traditions and norms for the sake of freedom for all. Too often we accept and celebrate white women as the leaders of and the face of feminism, despite how exclusionary, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic and racist these women were. Feminism is all about inclusion and equality so I invite you to celebrate these Black women below who lived the truth of the message of feminism and redefined how I think about Women’s & Black History.